Today's Country Count

Staying with Superhostnyc today:

Mauritius:  Vincent, Tiki, parents and super cute kids.  Here for a week, and have already been to the outlet mall twice.  The kids love the backyard, and the grandparents love having coffee at the kitchen island.

Australia:  John, staying with us for his second time.  He comes to the US every two years for a license plate collector convention.  

Germany:  Roger and his family, they are so happy to have hot weather and are thusly very pink after a day in the sun.

Switzerland:  Michel, Stephanie, their cousins with their kids.  They brought my a tiny cowbell and some chocolates.  I love them.

Ireland:  Craig from Ireland has come alone, with a massive bag of golf clubs.  He hasn't revealed where he's playing, but I bet he's an ace.

USA:  Jace and Don, a stellar couple from Florida who were high school sweethearts and connected again after 30 years, celebrating their second anniversary.  Yeah Facebook!